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Sleep and travelling abroad!

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Some of you may start planning trips abroad and if you are worried about your little one’s sleep have a read of some of our top tips!

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  • Where possible try and book flights around nap/bedtime so your little one is sleeping on the plane, if this can’t happen it may be worthwhile trying to have the nap on the way to the airport (which might mean arriving earlier).
  • Have some snacks handy just in case the queues to check in are long and where possible try and check in at home online.
  • Have everything prepared and easily accessible for the flight. Some things to consider (change of clothes for everyone, snacks/food/milk, entertainment for little ones according to their age (stickers, books, magnets, colouring, downloaded programmes etc), something to suck/drink for landing and take-off for breastfed little ones you can feed them.

On the plane:

Try and remain calm and relaxed, and just let go of some of the ‘rules’ what happens on the plane stays on the plane. Your main aim is to keep your little one as calm (and maybe even asleep) as much possible during the flight so do whatever you need to do achieve this. Once you reach your destination everything can go back to ‘normal’.

During the day whilst away:

  • Try not to overschedule your days – this can lead to tired and emotional little ones
  • Naps on the go are totally fine, try and have the odd nap in the cot where possible as well. Using something like a snoozeshade can be helpful for the daytime naps so the surroundings are less stimulating for little ones.
  • If jetlag is a concern, then get out in the daylight as soon as possible, this is the best way to regulate body clocks.


  • Try and make environment as close to home as you can, for example don’t forget your white noise machine, portable black out blind, pjs, comforter/soft toy.
  • If little ones are struggling in the new environment, do exactly what you would do at home and offer a little extra reassurance/comfort and they will soon be back to settling well
  • Where possible try and have separate (ajoining rooms) or a villa so little ones have their own space, if this is not possible try and create some space between yourself and little ones this way if they do wake up they aren’t too excited by seeing you
  • If children are sharing there may be extra shenanigans the first couple of nights, stay consistent and maybe think of some rewards/consequences and they will be back to settling well in no time!

Back home:

If some of the ‘rules’ were relaxed during the holiday, once you are back home go back to your same routine and stay consistent for a few days so little ones know nothing has changed at home.

Most important tip of all is to enjoy your holiday with your little ones and make lots of amazing memories there’s nothing that can’t be sorted once you are back home!

If you for any reason you need a helping hand with your little one’s sleep, once you are back home, book in a free 15-minute no obligation call with us to see what we can do. We have packages for little ones in a cot from 4 months onwards to little ones in a bed.

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