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How to survive the heatwave: top tips for little sleepers

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Let’s face it we are much more accustomed to trying to keep warm than cool in the UK but, as the heatwave swings into full force, how do we keep our little ones safe (and sleeping)?

1. One of the most important things is to ensure they are the right temperature. NHS guidelines suggest a nursery thermometer to ensure their room is the right temperature.  Make sure you take your babies temperature properly, in the night check their neck, back or chest rather than cooler extremities.

2. Dress your little one accordingly. Try putting yourself if your little ones’ shoes (or pjs). If you feel too hot with clothes and sheets, chances are s/he will too. Think about later in the night too, if the temperature drops you might get a wake up call from a chilly child!

3. Keep the bedroom cool. Tips include keeping the blind down in the day, to block out the sun, and the windows open to get a breeze. Alternative tips include a fan (with ice in front of it so the air blown is cold, be careful with the potential water and electricity though and keep it away from your little one)! You can also try cold, wet sheets hanging from chairs. Again, safety first and ensure your little one can’t reach them.

4. During the bedtime routine try a cooler bath to cool their body temperature and a cold drink before bed. A cool flannel on a little warm forehead can work wonders if they are getting too hot and bothered!

5. Be extra careful with little ones in car seats and pushchairs. The trend of putting blankets over car seats and pushchairs to keep out the sun can mean temperatures under that blanket soar!

Good luck surviving and if you have any tips of your own, comment below!

If your little one doesn’t sleep even without the heat, I’m sure I can help! Just email me on [email protected] or give me a call.

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