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How to look wide awake, even after a tricky night!

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This month we have a guest blog from Emily Woolley – Beauty by Emily Faith. We all know that sleep is a vital part of your beauty regime but even if your little one has amazing sleep skills, illness, teething and travel can impact their sleep. How can you look, and feel, more wide awake even when it feels like you have been up half the night? If you need help on a long term basis, do give us a call, but in the interim, Emily has given us her top tips on how to look, and feel, fresh faced, even after a tricky night!

When I packed my hospital bag before going in to have my little boy, I packed endless make-up products because I was convinced I would want to apply make-up straight after birth and look like some kind of celebrity. The reality was, it was the last thing on my mind and I couldn’t care less about what I looked like.

A few weeks on and make-up slowly moved back up my priority list. I found it to be my saviour and something that helped give me a sense of my pre-mummy self back. I certainly didn’t wear make-up every day but as my skin went a little crazy and my dark circles were slightly out of control I had a few products that without doubt helped me to feel a little more human and look less exhausted. 

I now have a 5 minute routine, that I call my soft play make-up. This can be mixed up based on your skin type and your likes and dislikes, but generally will suit most mums who just want to feel a little more alive… 

Skincare is vital. You might feel like you don’t have time to use endless products on your skin, but ask yourself this… do you find time to scroll through Facebook for 5 mins? If you’re answer is yes then you definitely have time for even the simplest of skincare. 

4 steps to help your skin glow from within… 

At night

  1. Remove your make-up religiously every day – I recommend the Afterspa magic make-up remover cloth, it doesn’t require and products just water.
  2. Use a toner after removing your make-up this will close up your pores and, in urn, reduce your chances of getting really oily skin
  3. Apply night cream, loads of the stuff, don’t be shy! 
  4. Use a brightening and tightening eye cream. Just a tiny amount about the size of half a pea. Pat it in under and around your eyes. I love the Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream

In the morning 

  1. Wash your face with a cleanser or facial wash
  2. Use a toner straight after washing your face, your moisturiser will sink in better if a toner has been applied.
  3. Use a serum – just 3 or 4 drops smoothed over your face. Serums rejuvenate and encourage new skin cells, so your skin will look fresher and brighter
  4. Apply a moisturiser with SPF

If you do the above every day you will feel far happier to have make-up free days… I guarantee it.

I know as well as any mummy that applying make-up in the morning can feel like a real chore. I have an almost 3 year old who demands my attention constantly. So, I’ve devised my super simple ‘softplay face’… If I want it to be a little more special then I might add eyeliner and a little bit of blusher, but in general this will totally do…

5 to 10 minute make-up 

  1. Start with a primer. Primers help your make-up last longer and give your foundation something to grip to. Apply it to the middle of your face and blend into the neck and hair line
  2. Use concealer to cover up dark circles and spots. Blend with a fluffy brush (an eye shadow blending brush works well). I prefer liquid concealers to stick or cream concealers. 
  3. Invest in a CC or BB cream. They’re lighter than foundation, easier to blend into your skin and so are much quicker to apply. Use a buffing brush to apply this, in circular motions. I love the Arbonne Intelligence CC cream, applied with a buffing brush by Real Techniques. Don’t forget to work the product down into your neck to avoid those away tide lines! 
  4. If you’re prone to shine then use a large powder brush to apply setting powder over the areas you suffer with shine the most, this will also help your make-up to last longer.
  5. Grab a powder bronzer, ideally one with a little bit of shimmer or glow in it. Pop a bit on the lower part of your eye lids with an eyeshadow blending brush and blend into the crease.
  6. Using the same bronzer apply with a contour brush or powder brush, underneath your cheekbones, where you have a slight dip and then blend in large circles so that it doesn’t look like a harsh line. 
  7. Run brow gel like Benefit Gimme Brow through your brows to add definition. It will grip to the hairs making them look fuller. 
  8. Mascara is your best friend. Apply a decent layer to your top lashes and a light coating to your lower lashes
  9. A tinted lip balm goes everywhere with me all year round. A little pop of this adds a finish and some moisture to your lips. I love the Pixi Beauty tinted lip balms.
  10. Finally, if you’re a highlighter lover like me then a pop of powder or cream highlighter to the top of your cheek bones and the brow bone. 

Done! I did this and timed myself recently and it took me 4 mins and 53 seconds so it can be easily done. 

Another great tip is to treat yourself to a lash lift every 2 to 3 months. A lash lift, lifts your lashes from the base and you get a tint too. The result is longer looking and darker lashes that give you that wide awake look, when you’ve been up all night with a teething baby. Lash lifts are usually around £35 to £45 depending on the technician… I’m addicted!

For more product tips and advice head over to my instagram page @beautybyemilyfaith or email me [email protected]

Photo credit: Nicky Hill Photography

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