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How to get your little one sleeping on Christmas Eve!

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Christmas Eve can be an incredibly exciting time of year but one of the most tricky times of year to get your little ones to sleep! There is, generally, great excitement because Santa will visit (and may well bring a toy or two) together with all the sugar and Christmas activities that day! Going to bed early because Santa is coming may work initially but don’t just rely upon that, try these tips to help your children settle well on this exciting night!

1. Ensure your little one has plenty of exercise and outside time during the day to burn off all that extra, excited, energy. Don’t do this too close to bedtime, though as that wont help them settle.

2. Ensure you limit sugar during the day, especially during the evening. It may be a very exciting and sugar filled time of year but too much sugar will give your children an energy boost, just before they are going to bed.

3. Ensure they have some calm and quiet time before bedtime which can include a quiet game and ensure there’s no screen time at least one hour, ideally two before bed. Make sure that putting the mince pies and carrots out (if you do this) is not the last thing they do so they are not too excited going up the stairs.

4. Stick to your usual bedtime and bedtime routine so that there’s not a lot of change on an exciting night, to ensure they are not overtired!

5. Stay calm and consistent during your bedtime routine but, most of all, try to enjoy this exciting, and magical, time of year! If you are as excited as they are you could cheat a little on Christmas morning and change the Gro clock (or digital clock) so that waking slightly earlier wont bend the rules!

If you have sleep on your Christmas list then do get in touch we can definitely help Santa deliver that one!

We wish you a very Merry (and sleep filled) Christmas!!

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