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How much sleep does your child really need?

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We all know our little ones need to have good quality sleep but how much sleep do they really need…and what happens when they don’t get it? You only need to speak to parents of a toddler (or look around the supermarket after 5pm) to see the proof that toddlers, and young children, who don’t get enough sleep can ‘have a meltdown’ when they should be falling fast asleep. This is difficult enough for parents to deal with on one day, but if the children build up a ‘sleep debt’ it means a very unhappy household all round!

The table below (from the National Sleep Foundation) shows the amount of sleep your little one needs on a daily basis – and might give you some surprising information about how much sleep you need to be getting. If a sleep debt builds up, like any debt, it needs paying off. Take heed and ensure your days and bedtimes are filled with fun and laughter…not tantrums and tears!Sleep Duration Recomendations_2


If your child isn’t getting the sleep they need, or if you need more fun filled bedtimes rather than hours of tantrums, drop me an email or give me a call to arrange a free 15-minute consultation to see how I can help you! [email protected] 01275 546919 or 07572 309404

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