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How do you return to fitness after having your baby?

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How do you return to fitness after having your baby?

You’re ready to get back to fitness and feel strong again after having your baby but aren’t sure about when and how to exercise postpartum. 

You find yourself reaching to the internet for advice. This feels totally confusing because of the mass of conflicting information and lack of clear guidance. So, what do you do now? Who should you trust?

We’d like to introduce ourselves: we’re Emma Smith and Claire Fitzpatrick and we make up The Mothership Physio team. 


With six children and 17 years working as women’s pelvic health physiotherapists between us, one thing fills our cup the most…

… helping mums like you overcome symptoms, enjoy exercise and build a strong body and mind. So you feel confident and get back to doing all the things you love doing.

The truth is there is no one-size-fits-all answer to your postpartum rehab as every woman’s pregnancy, delivery, and recovery experience is different. 

In pregnancy, the muscles, ligaments and fascia of the pelvis and tummy muscles undergo a huge amount of change and stretch. The pelvic floor muscles are loaded during pregnancy, and vaginal delivery can weaken and stretch them. A caesarean birth is major abdominal surgery that leaves a deep scar and takes the best part of a year to recover from. 

After childbirth, we have to feed, hold and rock our babies. This has a big impact on your posture which in turn has affects the ability of your pelvic floor and abdominal canister to work properly. For instance, the upper body is often in a rounded and flexed posture, which compromises our breathing and ability to strengthen the pelvic floor. 

Start your rehab by creating a strong and connected core. To do this, you need to regain the basics of breathing, standing and walking with a good posture before you layer on more difficult tasks. 

Examples of early postpartum exercises include core exercises such as a bridge, bird dog and 4-point kneeling arm lifts, and modified side planks. These exercises work best when taught with the breath and include the pelvic floor. 

Any signs of urine leakage, pelvic pain, scar pain, or heaviness in the vagina is a sign that things might need more time or specific input from a Pelvic Health physiotherapist. 

We can’t expect the body to immediately work like it used to pre-pregnancy. Your body needs time to unfurl, heal and get stronger again. This combined with a lack of sleep, energy and the general overwhelm of dealing with an unpredictable baby makes exercise tricky!

That’s why we created The Mothership Physio online postnatal programme. This is a safe, physio-led, online postnatal exercise and education programme for new mums or those heading towards perimenopause.

We offer a mix of achievable 15-minute core, cardio, pilates and well-being workouts designed to return you to whatever it is you love doing and feeling like yourself again. 

We provide safe modifications, step-by-step guidance and education on your body throughout the programme including a monthly live ‘clinic call’. So you feel confident, in control and empowered throughout your postpartum fitness journey. 

You can choose between 1 and 3 month subscriptions and will join risk free with the comfort of our 10-day money back guarantee HERE.

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