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Corporate Seminars

Offer your employees sleep advice for their children

Our corporate seminars are designed for companies to be able to offer their employees sleep advice for their children, delivered via a 2 hour, online or in person, live seminar.

Sleep is the foundation of health and wellbeing. It is estimated that over £16 billion pounds a year is lost in the UK economy due to lack of sleep. This is not just employees taking sick days but also includes chronic sleep issues and loss of productivity. Having a baby is huge reason behind employees suffering the effects of sleep deprivation, and with The Sleep Charity (UK ) reporting that 40% of children suffer with sleep problems, it’s hardly surprising that this is having an impact on the economy!

With research showing links between lack of sleep and health concerns such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, some cancers and Alzheimer’s, it’s an issue which is also rising on the nations’ health agenda.


Our corporate seminars are designed for firms, who invest in the wellbeing of their employees. These seminars provide information for employees who have children who may be experiencing issues with their sleep including how much sleep children should be getting as well as practical advice on how to help families to achieve this. There is also time for a q&a session at the end in order for parents to ask more specific questions.

How our Corporate Seminars work


A 1-2 hour live webinar for parents

Our corporate seminars take place over a 90-minute live webinar for employees with children focusing on how they can help their child to get better quality, more restful sleep, including practical advice on how to implement behavioural sleep approaches as well as plenty of time for asking questions about their little one’s sleep.

Thank you so much for your insightful and knowledgeable webinar. I’ve had such great feedback from attending parents and carers about how much they learned and the new tools they have to try with some of the challenges they are experiencing.

As a guide, our full 2 hour corporate seminars can be purchased for a cost of just £450 if delivered virtually, or £600 in person. We also offer a 1 hour seminar, online, for £200 but please contact us direct so that we can discuss the bespoke needs of your company.

To find out more about how you can offer your employees sleep advice for their children, please complete the form below