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Attachment and baby sleep!

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If you don’t know already we are incredibly evidence based sleep consultants and are always looking out for any research in relation to little one! We know that lots of parents who approach us are concerned about things they may have read or heard that helping their little one gain independent sleep skills will negatively impact their attachment (mainly babies in a cot but we do work with children up to the age of 10)! We have always been of the view that the evidence does not support this so when studies are published about attachment and sleep we needed to read them!

So that you don’t have to, Dr Michael Gradisar has done another sterling job putting together the recent research on attachment and babies sleep and has kindly allowed us to pop the link here so you can read it yourself!

Definitely worth a read if you are in any way concerned and, of course, if you need any sleep or want to talk about this further just book a free (and no obligation) call to talk about working together and answer any questions you have!

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