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4-12 month old sleep seminar

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Join Becky for a sleep seminar concentrating on children from 4-12 months. During the seminar you will hear her top tips to allow you to guide your child towards longer, better quality, sleep and get the chance to ask questions about your child’s sleep in a Q&A at the end.

In addition you will learn:
– the importance of sleep for children.
– what the leading sleep experts have to say about the effects of lack of sleep on children (and you)!
– how much sleep your child (and your family) needs.
– the negative effects of disruptive sleep habits on your family — and how to fix them.

£15 per ticket plus booking fee. Every ticket includes a drink and a delicious cake of your choice! Please feel free to bring your little ones along!

As always, if you’re experiencing any problems with your little ones sleep, please do get in touch for a free 15 minute chat – We would love to help!

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